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ノリカセ  sushi bar jacksonville, fl

norikase ノリカセ  

the first and only Omakase Experience in Jacksonville, Florida.

we exclusively execute with an intimate service. our omakase tastings give personal interaction with the sushi chefs and the staff allowing for an elevated guest experience.

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the dining area

the epitome of high-end sushi indulgence in Jacksonville, Florida. Our chefs, masters of culinary artistry, meticulously craft sushi masterpieces using only the finest ingredients. With an upscale ambiance and an extensive selection of premium sakes, Norikase offers an unparalleled dining experience where luxury meets gastronomic excellence. Elevate your senses at Norikase, where every bite is a testament to our commitment to sophistication in sushi.

the bar

Step into our bar section and immerse yourself in the artistry of Japanese mixology and hospitality. From expertly crafted cocktails infused with exotic ingredients to a curated selection of sake and Japanese whisky, our skilled bartenders are dedicated to delivering an authentic and memorable experience.

satisfied customers

At Norikase, our commitment to exceptional dining extends beyond the plate – it’s woven into our dedication to customer care. From the moment you step through our doors, our attentive staff ensures a warm and welcoming atmosphere.
Norikase is amazing. My wife and I enjoyed everything about the experience. Besides the amazing food, the service was top notch. We enjoyed the omakase so much we are heading back for the holiday addition. We can’t wait to enjoy a wonderful evening together for the second time at Norikase!
richard m.
Beautiful Atmosphere, our server provided top notch service, he explained all the dishes with great detail. The drinks were really good and the food was very flavorful. I will definitely be back
stephanie n.
After having the omikase experience 2 months ago, this was our first time at the restaurant part, and it was equally amazing! The vibe is muted, mellow, chill and cozy, while still maintaining a slight air of fine dining. Loved their velvet chairs, and I was comfortable the whole time.
alexi t.
Let me start by saying this restaurant is absolutely gorgeous with the low lights and green vibes. It made me feel like a celebrity just walking in. The staff was amazing, there’s always someone around to take dirty plates from the table. The waiters were super sweet and very knowledgeable.
ashley john.
My second time here. A great experience that makes you feel like you’re not in Jacksonville! As soon as you walk in the door you’re met with impeccable professionalism. All of the staff are SO nice and knowledgeable. We will definitely continue to patronize this excellent restaurant. So glad to have this level of dining available in Jax!
tiffany a.
Loved this place! You have to plan ahead to get a table. Our plans were last minute so we ate dinner at the bar. The place was buzzing, and while every seat was taken in the building, the vibe was still swanky and good for a date night or night out with your tribe. The Hostess Team did a great job of trying to make sure everyone was taken care even though we didn’t have a reservation. It Literally Melts In Your Mouth – Real Deal Gourmet Experience!
drew b.

our location

Norikase, a top-notch sushi bar and Japanese restaurant, is located in Jacksonville, Florida. This culinary hotspot brings the authentic flavors of Japan to the heart of the city, offering a delectable array of sushi and Japanese cuisine. Whether you’re a seasoned sushi enthusiast or a newcomer to Japanese flavors, Norikase promises a delightful dining experience in the vibrant atmosphere of Jacksonville.